New treats to  bite into!

New treats to bite into!

Discover our chocolatey assortment for spring!

This spring, you will be thrilled with our assortment of candied fruit peel, all coated with a deliciously dark and intense chocolate.

Our chocolate orangettes, delicious, candied orange peel that offers two contrasting flavours, full-bodied and tangy. Next, the chocolate citronettes, tasty, candied lemon peel for a flavour that is at once intense and tangy.

The chocolate pamplemoussettes, exquisite, candied grapefruit peel, are a bit more full-bodied with a slight touch of bitterness. Lastly, the chocolate gingembrettes, tasty, candied ginger for a full-bodied and slightly spicy pleasure. There really is something for every taste!

Our 4 chocolate-treats to bite into

As a snack, with coffee or tea or to round off a delicious meal, everyone will love these little gourmet candied fruit peel chocolates.



Candied orange peel coated with dark chocolate
citronette top shot


Candied lemon peel coated with dark chocolate
pamplemousette top shot


Candied grapefruit peel coated with dark chocolate
gingembrette TS


Thin candied ginger slice coated with dark chocolate

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