Fishing for chocolatey Seashells

Fishing for chocolatey Seashells

Summer’s here! To do: enjoy the radiant sunshine, a gentle breeze in your hair and lazy days. What else do you need? Leonidas’ chocolate Seashells will make you feel like you’re at the beach without leaving home.

Our delicious Seashells

Our crunchy chocolate Seashells will whisk you off on holiday. Fish for seahorses, mussels, shrimp, or shells in marbled, dark or milk chocolate. Filled with a creamy smooth caramel-flavoured praliné, they will immediately set you off dreaming of your holidays.

Fruit de mer lait

Seashells milk

Milk chocolate, praliné with caramel flavour
Fruit de mer noir

Seashells dark

Dark chocolate, praliné with caramel flavour

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