Chocolates  to say thank you!

Chocolates to say thank you!

Finish the school year on a chocolatey note!

Chocolates are among the favourite year-end gifts for teachers! So what could be better than to delight them with classic Leonidas chocolates. Manon, Louise, Gianduja or why not a raspberry heart ? For this very special occasion, we have created some lovely original packaging and a card you can personalize to thank and delight every teacher!

Unique packaging to personalize

For a memorable end of school year, choose a special present to thank your child’s teacher. To do so, we have specially designed some delightful packaging decorated with children’s patterns around the theme of school.

As a bonus, our seasonal packaging includes a card to be filled in, for example with your child’s teacher’s name, a personalized message or even a drawing! It’s up to you to decide whose handwriting is nicest - yours or your child’s!

If you prefer a traditional ballotin, you can also add a card to personalize. Don’t forget to ask for one at your store.

Leonidas End of school year

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