Geldhof Cello bag with 5 Cuberdons

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The cuberdon, or little nose, is a cone shaped sweet with a raspberry taste, in a way it reminds a of a nose. Read more




The classical cuberdon is purple, its size is about 2.5 cm and it weighs 19 grams. The outside is solid, but inside it has a gelatinous filling. For this reason, a cuberdon should be consumed as fresh as possible. The fresher they are, the more delicious they taste, the thinner the outside and the more liquid is in the filling.

Our Cuberdons by Geldhof are still produced based on the original recipe dating from 1873. They are made from sugar syrup, raspberry syrup and Arabic gum. The typical cone shape is stamped in mould powder, next the voids are filled with the liquid sugar mass and finally they are baked in a moderately heated oven.

Contents: 5 Cuberdons (± 100 grams - 3,50 oz)

For the best taste, the Cuberdons are preferably consumed within 4 to 6 weeks after delivery.

Ingredients: sugar, gelling agent (gum arabic), glucose syrup, water, gelatin, raspberry flavor, colorants E120, E153.

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