Manon Ruby (limitierte Auflage)

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Manon Ruby (limitierte Auflage)

The filling of raspberry blended with the well-known buttercream praliné layer makes for a truly exceptional combination. To this we’ve added an exclusive layer of ruby chocolate creating a true flavour explosion. Don’t miss out on this special box featuring 9 Manon Rubys.

Ruby: the fourth type of chocolate

Ruby chocolate is the fourth chocolate type, after dark, white and milk chocolate.

What’s so special and perhaps surprising is the fact that this ruby chocolate from Barry Callebaut comes straight from the cocoa bean. We’ve not added any colourings or additional flavourings. Just after harvest, the cocoa beans ferment under a sail, which discolours the core of the cocoa bean and gives it its distinctive pink colour and a very specific, fruity taste.

Only a limited number of Manons Ruby are currently available, so don’t waste any time!


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