Leonidas: Sélection (NEW)

Be tempted by passion, pleasure and the appreciation of exquisite tastes with this Sélection Premium !

For chocolate lovers, Leonidas has created a range of exclusive, fine chocolates. Each Sélection chocolate is a masterpiece of exquisite taste. Carefully crafted in design and unique flavour combinations, the collection invites you to indulge in a universe of unprecedented delights. Enjoy the time to discover this Sélection and relish its infinite moments of indulgence

This range is only available in the Sélection gift boxes, not in our classic boxes.


The Sélection Premium range

Leonidas Sélection Gember/Citroen Leonidas Sélection Quinoa Leonidas Sélection Violette Leonidas Sélection Goji
Ginger / Lemon Quinoa Violet Goji
dark chocolate
ginger and lemon ganache
candied ginger on top
milk chocolate
caramel with red quinoa
crunchy quinoa seeds on top
dark chocolate
violet ganache
violet flavoured pieces on top
dark chocolate
Goji berries ganache
tasty Goji berry on top
Leonidas Sélection Miel Leonidas Sélection Matcha Leonidas Sélection Noir Intense Leonidas Sélection Ruby pomegranate
Chestnut Honey Matcha Dark Intense Ruby Pomegranate
blond chocolate
chestnut honey ganache
pollen on top
dark chocolate
pure ganache with Matcha tea
green tea chocolate on top
dark chocolate
intense dark ganache
decorated by dark chocolate
ruby chocolate
ganache with pomegranate
raspberry pieces on top
Leonidas Nougatine Raspberry Leonidas Sélection Nougatine Coffee    
Nougatine Raspberry Nougatine Caffee    
dark chocolate
raspberry ganache
crisp nougatine on top
milk chocolate
arabica coffee ganache
crisp nougatine on top


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