Football never tasted this good!

Football never tasted this good!

Discover our 7 different flavors:

- White chocolate filled with praliné and puffed rice (white)

- Milk chocolate filled with a delicious hazelnut paste (red)

- Milk chocolate filled with praliné and a soft biscuit (green)

- Milk chocolate filled with crackling praliné/pop sugar (blue)

- Milk chocolate filled with salted caramel (yellow)

- Milk chocolate filled with sour cherries (silver)

- Dark chocolate filled with praliné (black)


Chocolate and football fans: the perfect match

Bring the championship into your living room with a sporty box full of chocolate footballs. You can use the compartments of the box to create the flags of your favourite team.

A key tip: keep your eye on the ball(s), for the more exciting the match, the faster the chocolates will disappear.

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