Chocolate and football fans: the perfect match

Chocolate and football fans: the perfect match

Bring the championship into your living room with a sporty box full of chocolate footballs. A key tip: keep your eye on the ball(s), for the more exciting the match, the faster the chocolates will disappear.

Our chocolate footballs: a team full of star players

This year, football tastes better than ever thanks to our limited edition chocolate footballs. With 8 delightful flavours in their colourful jerseys, they are an indispensable part of your supporters’ kit. Bet you can never get enough of them!

Which football will be favourite?

Our chocolate footballs are ready to tackle your taste buds while also conquering your football fan’s heart. And truth be told: with their 8 delightful flavours, they are hard to resist. Stock up on enough chocolate footballs to get through the most nail-biting match with your friends.

Produit boule vanille lait

Football vanilla milk

Milk chocolate, vanilla-flavoured cream
Boulet praliné noisette

Football praliné hazelnuts white

White chocolate, caramel-flavoured praliné and caramelized hazelnuts
Boule foot lait pâte noisette

Football hazelnut paste milk

Milk chocolate, hazelnut paste
Boule foot blanc praliné riz soufflé

Football praliné puffed rice white

White chocolate, praliné puffed rice
Boule foot noir praliné

Football praliné dark

Dark chocolate, praliné
Boule foot lait praliné pétillant

Football sparkling praliné milk

Milk chocolate, sparkling praliné
Boule foot lait biscuit praliné

Football praliné biscuit milk

Milk chocolate, biscuit praliné
Boule foot lait caramel salé

Football salted caramel milk

Milk chocolate, salted caramel

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