St-Nicholas bag (S) dark - Light in sugar

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Saint Nicholas is coming with Leonidas chocolate gifts. Read more


Our Maître Chocolatier drew inspiration from this holy man to create some exquisite treats that will go perfectly with our exclusive assortment of chocolates.


  • 1 Leonidas Saint-Nicholas dark 50 grams - 1,8 oz (-40% sugar) (13,5 cm)
  • 150g Sugar-free candies

Nicely packaged in a cellophane bag.

Our chocolate figures are made with the finest Belgian chocolate and 100% cocoa butter.

Ingredients and allergens chocolate figure: fiber (chicory root), cocoa butter, sugar, cocoa mass, soyalecithin, aroma.

Ingredients sugar-free candy: Maltlose syrup, gelling agent: food gelatine, food acid: citric acid, artificial and natural flavors. Dyes Yellow: quinoline; green: quinoline with patent blue; orange: orange yellow; pink and red: azorubine; purple: azorubine and patent blue; brown: caramel; black: carbo medicinalis vegetalis. Glazing agent: steam or officinal paraffin.

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We pack and protect the chocolate figures and presents as carefully as possible. We are not responsible for possible damage caused during transport. No compensation can be claimed for broken figures.

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