2240 Social Club - Apple Pie

2240 Social Club - Apple Pie

Apple and cinnamon go together like two peas in a pod. Apple Pie combines this classic duo with a secret spice mix. Made from carefully selected apples. Zusatzinformation
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Delicious served ice cold (pure) OR ideal for serving trendy cocktails.

Cocktail Apple-Pie Martini:

  • Cocktail glass with 2 ice-cubes
  • 4 cl. Apple-Pie
  • 2 cl. Vodka
  • finish with a thin slice of apple

About 2240 Social Club: As firm believers of ‘quality over quantity’, we produce our liquors one small batch at a time, respecting the Italian tradition. We carefully select our ingredients ourselves and use clear spring water only, which translates into a pure drink with a soft taste. In order to guarantee the best flavour and character we also cut all artificial preservatives, flavourings and colourings, so you can enjoy our drinks from the first sip till the very last drop.

Inhalt: 50 cl. (25% Alkohol)

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